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tv   Roy Moore Senate Campaign Announcement  CSPAN  June 23, 2019 4:55pm-5:25pm EDT

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decision wasn't on spark -- was an unsurprising act of defiance against his party's national leaders including president trump who publicly warned him away from another senate bid. here is the campaign announcement, it is about 30 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am pleased to welcome all of you here today. we want to start this meeting today when recognizing our sovereign lord and savior if you would about with me -- would bow with me as we pray. our father we gather here today to enter another war of the world, i would say. we ask you lead us and guide us and to give us the wisdom and guidance to make this a stronger country and make us better for
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our children and for the world. lord, we thank you for the freedom that we live under into -- and the world and the food and all the worldly things that you provide for us and all the things i ask in jesus name, amen. ladies and gentlemen, today i am pleased to introduce to you i guess the most favorite person in the world. she's going to come forward and make further introductions. >> i want to warmly welcome all of you who are here with us and all of you across the nation who are watching. all of you, just as judge and i do, have a deep and abiding love of god, family and country.
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like us you get up every day and work to make america the best she can possibly be for you and your community and your family. you know it's not easy. life is hard but we all get up each morning with hope in our heavenly father, trust in his faithfulness and hope for our country. the washington establishment both republican and democrat spare no errors. when a conservative writer rises, who refuses to play the game they've spared none with my husband, myself, or our family. it's been a difficult journey. but he never promised it would be easy. they want all of us to get tired, to give up.
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and tont us to lie down settle for another establishment puppet or worse, a radical liberal democrat. my husband promised me when we married that it would never be boring and he certainly kept that promise. 34 years later, i now have the great honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction, who will not settle and will not tire, who will not give in when it comes to the future of our great nation. judge roy moore is a graduate of the united states military academy at west point. he is a veteran of the vietnam war. he is a two-time chief justice of the alabama supreme court and the beloved father of four grown children and the grandfather of five. he is also my best friend and the love of my life. judge moore.
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[applause] judge moore: thank you. i feel like we haven't haven't got this well planned out here so why don't we start with the pledge of allegiance. if you will all join me, i will lead it. all: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it god,s, one nation, under indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. judge moore: thank you very much. you plan and you plan to have everything right and you get a nice podium. and i forgot about the cameras and microphones. we will try to get through with this.
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>> you get a nice podium and i forgot about the cameras. through trying to get this. i want to welcome you to downtown montgomery. >> and in this place we stand up for religious liberty. in fact, just this morning, and a pure coincidence i guess, the united states supreme ruled in a case of a flag in maryland, established in i, put there a cross, cross and they upheld the depiction of that
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cross. hoping that the supreme court is moving more to the conservative view of our right to honor god in our country. newalso see out here a square that's being built by the city of montgomery. especially significant because one portion of the square is general richard montgomery who on december the of 1775 even before declaration of independence was battle of the bay. he was first american general killed in a war in our country, country began. so we're going to honor him in this city by recognizing that in montgomery was named after richard montgomery. i want you to -- you've already son calebe, my standing over here. we have several attorneys here that have helped me through the years. mention them. melissa isaac, there in the
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corner. martin is somewhere here. right here. there.layman, right john. clark. they worked on this brief for the foundation. of my campaign room from last time in the and thanks to tim for the wonderful prayer that he gave as introduction. you know, for the past several months, really. there's been a barrage like information of about whether i would run. think never before in our antory has there been such outcry about running in the
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senate race. just this week, the a.p. had an article entitled is roy moore the senate? and cnn came out to say that roy to announce his decision controversy.d gop and gop's biggest fear according to alabama reporter was roy moore running again. and one i liked especially, thinker by a former ofber of the dhs, department homeland security said the deep state smear machine is gearing up for judge roy moore again. has the nrfs, the national republican senate involved in ame race when there is no race yet. justin hunt, the spokesperson, said that no stone
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will be left unturned as it pertains to his background. in other words, the nrsc is campaign.o do a smear the chairman of the nrsc from indiana, senator, even spoke to the president to urge him to come out in opposition to my candidacy. josh holmes from senator mcconnell and steven law the president of the senate leadership fund have also made otheromments and none than senator richard shelby came out to say that he believed i the candidate in the race. i think my question to you is this. there such a fear, why is such hatredn anger, and opposition to somebody running? the mere mention of my name
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causes people to get up in arms d.c.shington, is it because i'm a staunch conservative? is it because i believe in for people?s is it because i believe in smaller government? regulation? is that what they believe? i would hope so. in godecause i believe and marriage and morality in our country? now, i believe in the right of a baby in the womb to have a life. things embarrassing to them? bear arms areand things that i believe in. these are things that i've stood for. i want to see jobs back in our country again. liket to see treaties lake nafta done away with that have taken jobs from our country. understand why there's
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such opposition in washington, one thing.ow have you grant that a group in washington in september, 2017, came out with this project to put out disinformation, false flag operations using russian we all know about the mueller report. seen the president go through this scenario. in fact, i've got the mueller report upstairs, it is that thick. this.all seen but clear evidence of intent to senate race by democratic operatives out of washington, d.c. strange about this is we found in the newspaper and the media urging everybody to
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get everything in the mueller report, but not one has mentioned despite the fact that the new york times and the theington post both have after-action report of project birmingham, but there's not been one mention of it. there's no mention of the fraudulent election tactics they've used to deprive the alabamaf the state of of a race for senate. in alabama knows that was last election in 2017 fraudulent. how did i know? even my opponent, doug jones, in his supposed complaint in protest: such tactics have no place in american politics and must be inudiated by those involved our political system. a clearperative to send message that these disinformation tactics will not
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be tolerated, but must be repudiated and punished to the law.extent of the i want to give hats off to the new york times, i've criticized them for not revealing this but atction report, least they recognized doug jones was an unwitting beneficiary of these disinformation tactics. the people of alabama, they dirty politics. they're angry. cavanaugh'sd after revelations came out and after cavanaugh survived them. and they saw through what had happened to me. you know, there's an old saying. fool all the people some of the time, and some of time, but you the can't fool all the people all the time and that's they're in our races and elections today. people of alabama are not only angry, but they're going to act on that anger. washington and other
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people outside this state out of their election. of alabama are tired of politicians saying one thing and another. and we've seen it clear here in with the gas supposedly republican taxnistration passed a gas which i can't find many people in favor of, but they passed it reasons. the same thing happens in washington. we have them all talking about abortion. still, we fund planned parenthood with over $500 taxpayer money. we see special interests surviving in washington. border security, we've talked now? it for how long well, i know back in 2005 in one of my campaigns, i came out against open borders and this is many years later, we still have borders. you know, i believe in america. i believe we've got to have go tocians that
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washington to do what they say. we still have healthcare. anybody's healthcare improved? have we got more healthcare? what i find is businesses provideng to healthcare. they can't do it. over and overe people in washington saying we because they can't do anything about it. you know, i believe in america. the pledge of allegiance. one nation under god. indivisible with liberty and justice for all. that of people skip over word indivisible. to me that means we're one people. common denominator. that's a belief in god. that's a belief that our rights come from god. and that government can't take us.e rights from i fought for our country in vietnam. i fought for our country and its chief justice. i fought for morality to preserve our moral institutions.
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and i'm ready to do it again. and yes, i will run for the in 2020.ates senate my campaign site will be it's very simple. i hope you can go to it and look andsee what we stand for what we're going to do in washington. can i win? yes, i can win. can i, they know i can. that's why there's such opposition. thank you very much and appreciate your attention and i'll let you ask a few questions. [inaudible question] >> why i can do it now as opposed to two years ago? i thought i could do it two ago. you mean why am i taking it now? >> why are you taking -- question] >> i think i won the last election. if it were not for the false tactics used by the democratic washington d.c.
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and the false information that was put out. i think there was so much opposition because they don't want the truth. thankfully, we can change it. kim. [inaudible question] >> you have to speak up. [inaudible question] >> they wouldn't know what they're standing for, quite frankly. them.n't seen i haven't heard from them. we have a case going and i the womanen seen involved. we can't question her. where are they? taken a lie detector test. i've taken polygraph tests. i've done everything i can do. these are false claims, false information. next question. [inaudible question]
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>> well, i think doug jones it pretty well. he recognized there was a false operation worth $750,000 according to reed hoffman who that and so much for george soros, did the same thing and they put false information out over and over. 650,000 alabamans with false information. they brought people in from out of state. there are many reasons i could say it was not correct. when a senator of the united states from the same state gets to voteurges people not for you in the general election, and now tells people that he's about my candidacy electing doug jones again, that's hypocrisy. simple.d [inaudible question] >> very little. the people saw through.
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if they didn't see through it then, they've seen through it these other and things that have come out as late as december 2017. question] >> well, i think i'll be able to make more -- i would like to contact withsonal people. i mean, we did last time with rallies. with different things, but i would like to get out personally and hold parties, personal contact. and travel the state. the people of alabama know me. that's one thing i don't have a problem with. as far as money, it's always contend be difficult to with washington, d.c., they've put midges of dollars behind candidate and i won't name who their candidate is because if you can't find out, i'm not to tell you. question] >> go against -- i'm not going to against president trump at
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all. support president trump. i'll vote for president trump. whether he votes for me or not we'll see. i'm sure he will when i get in the general election, but i'm of alabama.ople i don't represent washington, d.c. i don't represent arizona, new mexico. i represent the people of this state. state.y proud of our i guess you're supposed to say this, but i say it from my here. i was born i was reared here. i went to wish point, united states military academy, served europe, i served in vietnam. but i came back to alabama. a judge, chief justice, prosecutor in alabama. i love alabama. the beste've got people in the world here. i think our motto, we dare veryd our rights, is meaningful because i think a specialalabama have touch with the rights given to us by god. moral people and of.'s what we need more
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[inaudible question] >> no, i think president trump hisevery right to voice opinion. i think he's being pushed by the nrfc. article there was an that i read from that they did spokesperson the for the nrfc did approach president trump. i don't know what he's thinking. him.'t speak for but i can say i don't disagree policiesin lots of his and border security is one i about.ry strongly yes, sir. question]
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>> i will be in race regardless of who runs in this race because it's up to the people of alabama, not about people getting in and not about pollsters in washington, not from government or whatever. i think that the people of alabama know me, they know what stood for. you know, a lot of them object to the fact that i was removed for standing for the display of the tend commandments. i don't to tempt y'all, but i'll argue with anybody to include the united states supreme court about the legality of the monumental display. we have every right to recognize god. a main factor in my race. if we don't recognize god, we rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. law ofng to the organic our country. god is not religion. i hope the united states supreme court hears this. religion was defined specifically by our founding fathers. we have forgotten it.
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when we forget it, we forget the the united states constitution. james madison once said that the difficulty isn't framing a form of government of men over this. first, you must enable the government to control the governed and then the next controlblige it to herself. we're living in a society today where we have no problem obeying obeying laws. we're a very obedient people to law. the supreme law of the land is the united states constitution, a problem when government is out of control and does not control itself. intrusion to our lives, taking away of our vital liberties, our rights, the right of a child to be born. gode are rights given by and they can't be taken away. so i'm in the race. yes. question]
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a very excellent question because in the memorandum sent to the judges of the probit courts, i said i can't tell you what to do. alabama supreme court to make that ruling. i said they have the case before them. you have to wait to see what they say to determine, but you an injunction issued court.state supreme it's an injunction. tell probit judges to disobey anybody. theld them the law, what law was and the supreme court would rule and, in fact, the and, incourt did rule fact, the supreme court of alabama left those injunctions after considering the ruling.n the
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so right now, alabama is the the union, which fell, and after a burger which is a supreme court opinion has upheld injunctions against don'tex marriage, but you see anybody doing anything about it. question] >> in my opinion, no. in my opinion, that's one reason you don't see the after-action report. that's one reason that from the washington post and the new york full, you don't see a revelation of the people involved in it. it was done by democratic operatives. i know that. but there's also republican collusion in that, and i think it would be plain if they would the report. question]
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dirty won't find me doing tactics against another opponent. i've never done it yet and i to no matter what. [inaudible question] i think i made it just recently. i announced it, i had planned it yes, i had planned on what to say, but i thought about it and prayed about it and decided that this day i would decision and i did. >> you did not make the final decision until -- >> you don't make your final you announce it and that's what i did. i announced it today. somebody from the a.p. printed had made it before and maybe i had told people that i to run, but i don't make
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the final decision until i decide. question? well, thank you very much for attendance. i appreciate it. it's getting a little warm in here and i'm sorry about it, but real fastheats up with open windows. god bless you and god bless the of alabama and the united states of america. thank you. [applause] >> i kind of view political cartooning almost like television.on you've got five seconds to capture the viewer's attention. you've got another five seconds or to sellthe point the product. the only difference is with television, you're selling a cartoonsbut political you're selling an idea. >> tonight on q and a, two time pulitzer prize winning political
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cartoonist on his career and cartoons. >> i have to say the clintons are probably my favorite campaign. i won my first pulitzer on the administration. >> when you take a caricature of somebody, you're changing the of their features, not only to make them into a of the, but to show sort dynamics of their personality, as well. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a. >> here's a look at our live coverage monday. c-span at 10:00 a.m. eastern a discussion about foreign policy with pakistan's the u.s. asad majeed khan. noonouse is back at eastern for general speeches with legislative business at 2:00. members will continue work on federal 2020 federal spending for a number of federal agencies affairs andterans the commerce and transportation
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departments. c-span 2, bill gates will discuss clean energy solutions at later, the senate returns 3:00 p.m. for more debate on the defense programs bill authorizing $750 billion for 2020. governmentan 3, officials and scholars discuss the peace building process on peninsula. that gets under way at eastern.. >> in 1979, a small network with rolled out a big idea. let viewers make up their own minds. topan opened the doors washington policy making for all unfilterednging you content from congress and beyond. a lot has changed in 40 years, big idea is more relevant than ever, on television and online, c-span is unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. brought to you as a public your cable or satee


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